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Meet the artist

Hi, I'm Julia.


I am 22 years old, I have a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with Honours and I have a deep love for art and all things creative! As a 9 year old I attended my first out-of-school art class and instantly fell in-love with the prospect of becoming an artist someday. I continued weekly art classes until the age of 18 and learnt many valuable skills that grew my passion for art making. 

I am positioned in Sydney, Australia, but deliver my art globally. I draw inspiration from things that bring me joy, such as; the ocean, nature, plants, fashion and photography. I love feeding my eyes with beautiful things and composing art that makes you feel good. 

My style can be very broad, as I love to experiment with new mediums and techniques as much as possible. I predominantly work with watercolours and pigmented ink, though I also dapple in acrylic painting, colour pencil, penwork and led pencil. 

Thanks for getting to know me and feel free to contact me on social media or via email x

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Keep up with my latest work on Instagram and TikTok. Shop my collections on Etsy and favourite things for later. Check out my YouTube channel for cool tips, tutorials and process videos,


Follow me on all platforms at juliamaryart

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